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Most Popular Lottery-Like Games at Online Casinos

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Since the dawn of online gambling, gamblers can enjoy a variety of casino games from the comfort of their homes. That means that they can make real money wagers and win real money payouts without visiting local land-based casinos. Besides popular slot machines and traditional Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and other table and card games, players can also try their luck on a range of online lottery-like games which award instant prizes. These games include Keno, Bingo and Scratch Cards you can play them online instead of buying physical tickets at local shops.

Playing lottery-like games will provide players with loads of entertainment in a safe and fair environment wherever they are.  These games are typically housed under the Specialty Games section of an online casino, so don’t miss an opportunity to check it out and find a game to your liking.

Online Keno

Keno is one of the most popular lottery-like games, which provides players with the straightforward and fast-paced gameplay. If you have ever played it, you will easily learn how to play it online. The game is based on drawings similar to classic lottery and if you are lucky enough to pick the right numbers, you can win some nice prizes.

Players are offered to pick between 1 and 15 numbers out of 80 and the prizes they can win depend on the number of spots they have chosen to play. The rules may vary from one variation to another, but in most cases, 20 numbers are picked from a total of 80 numbers. Depending on the number of the player’s spots that match the drawn numbers, a corresponding prize is awarded. The more matching numbers, the higher the prize and if you match all numbers, you can hit a jackpot. Keep in mind that online casinos do not offer jackpots which are as high as those offered by national lotteries, but players who prefer this type of entertainment can still enjoy an exciting gaming experience and score some decent payouts at a cost that is lower than a bet needed for most casino games.


If you like playing land-based Bingo, you will love playing its variations online for sure. Bingo can come in numerous shapes and use a variety of themes, depending on the online casino you choose to play it at. The number of balls in play may also vary from one game to another, but the basics are more or less the same: you buy cards featuring grids with randomly assigned numbers. The main goal of the game is to find patterns created of numbers for a particular game. Patterns can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows as well as diamonds, corners, frames and so on.

While playing at land-based parlours includes players calling “BINGO!” when the pattern is found on the ticket, playing Bingo online does not require yelling. What online Bingo offers is buying Extra Balls which can boost your winning chances at a certain cost. Typically, Bingo games are affordable for all kinds of players, so if you are looking for a specialty game that is based solely on your luck, head to any of online casinos that offer this type of entertainment and you can be the next jackpot winner.

Scratch Cards

Another type of lottery-like games available on gambling sites are scratch cards. If you have ever bought them at your local shop, you will easily play them online. All you have to do is to scratch your ticket to reveal hidden symbols. If you get a required number of matching symbols, you will get a corresponding prize. Typically, players can choose a bet according to their budget and the value of prizes depends on the value of your card.

Casinos offer dozens of Scratch Cards games which are sometimes based on video slots to provide players with more entertaining gaming experience. These are fast-paced games which pay instant prizes, so manage your bankroll and avoid exceeding your win and loss limits.

In Conclusion

The best thing about lottery-like games is the fact that they do not require any special skills. Being available at online casinos, you can enjoy them without leaving the comfort of your home. Besides, you can find those titles which are optimised for mobile play allowing you to enjoy them wherever you are.


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