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Most Popular Slot Bonus Features

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 26 Jul 2017


The originality and appeal of each new video slot are nowadays mainly determined by how much the game has to offer in terms of Bonus Features. Launching the game with no more than a few free spins is simply not cutting it anymore and the developers found themselves competing in a brand new category with every next release. 

Mobile device compatibility, design and functionality are all crucial elements that have to be executed perfectly for the slot to even make it on the modern market – once out there, the key factor that will keep the slot spinning and gain it its fair share of positive users’ ratings is how elaborate, beneficial and unique its Bonus Features are. And, while Free Spins are now a video slot standard, in-games, bonus symbols and different modes are definitely the proverbial icing on the cake when it comes to video slots.  

Free Spins

A life savior in video slots gambling, Free Spins can be unlocked by a specific symbol combination or even awarded by the casino as a part of their promotional offer. Our absolute favorites are the ones that can be reactivated, preserving the player’s balance and accumulating a number of smaller winnings. The amounts and awards within the free spins are often doubled and the players can trigger new sessions of spins if the relevant symbol hits the reel during the bonus rounds. Sometimes, Free Spins are not unlocked immediately after they have been awarded; they can be accumulated and “conserved” throughout the game until the relevant symbol unlocks all the rounds collected up until that moment. 

It is not uncommon for the players to select between different Free Spins modes, that come with a different number of spins and multipliers; some of the modes may be more generous with their winnings, but they also come with an increased risk factor. 

Bonus Games

Bonus games are always a special treat in any video slot, especially when the player is transferred from the main game onto a completely different screen. In most cases, in-games are actually Picking games, where one is presented with a choice of one or more picks, each unlocking a different multiplier, new round of Free Spins or even a monetary prize. 

Although Picking games are the most common in-games found in video slots, Fighting Duels are also a popular alternative, and the prizes here will depend on which character is defeated or how many punches the player manages to throw at his rival  – a great way to combine classic slots with fighting games and keep the adrenaline pumping.  

Bonus Wheel

Another interesting addition to video slot special features is the Wheel of Fortune, with fields that contain multipliers, Free Spins, Cash prizes, and in-games. The feature is usually triggered by the Bonus icon and apart from the above mentioned minor prizes, the wheel can also contain its own Jackpot that will increase the bet by several hundred times – more or less. 

Gamble Feature

Gamble feature is an in-game variant that adds the necessary risk factor to the low variance slots which provide a more secure gambling environment for their players by protecting them from excessive losses. Since low variance slots can be a bit too safe and steady, the Gamble feature steps in, adding some extra edge – the player can invest their entire winning balance in a separate card drawing game or a similar type of Picking variance and end up with double or nothing. 

Due to the risk involved, Gamble feature is usually avoided, especially with Progressive Slots players. On the other hand, if you feel like spicing things up every now and then, Gamble feature is just the adrenaline fix you need.   


The feature that is most commonly bundled up with the Free Spins or bonus games is winning or bet Multiplier, although certain symbol combinations in the base game can increase the bet as well. Higher value symbols such as Scatters and Wilds will often act as the Multipliers although this particular role can be assigned to special icons whose sole purpose is to increase any winning amount triggered on the reels.

In addition to multipliers that multiply the winning amount, the players can frequently come across betting multipliers that will boost the submitted bet without interfering with your actual balance. This is particularly useful with Jackpot slots where higher stakes directly affect your winning odds. 

Special Wilds and Alternating Reels

Apart from the regular Wild symbol, certain slots will add alternative Wilds that can transform or stack and fill out the entire reel, significantly increasing both the odds and the payout. Wild symbols are not the only thing that can change the form and the player can often find himself unlocking a completely new set of reels that can affect the course of the game by freezing or cascading. 

A new set of symbols and alternate reels can change the dynamics of the game completely or even create an impression that you are playing an entirely new slot, keeping you engaged and entertained for as long as necessary to cash out your time. 


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