Saturday, November 16, 2019

Should the Premier League take note of what has happened in China?

Can you imagine what would happen to the Premier League if Sky Television pulled out of covering it? It doesn’t bear thinking about. The amount of debt left in the game would be astronomical and the collapse of football in England as we know it would be swift and spectacular.

Although it seems very unlikely to happen, maybe the managers, players and fans should all take a step back and look at their behaviour. Maybe we should all start taking the Respect campaign a little more seriously.

In China, the main TV station has stopped showing matches from its top domestic league. Football is popular in China, but the domestic game has long been in the doldrums. China Central TV (CCTV) has said that the players in the league lack “professional ethics”.

Like throwing coins into the crowd?


Although the suspension of showing matches is only a temporary measure, the effect it has will be interesting to see. Imagine if Sky told players and managers to clean up their act because if they didn’t they would pull out. I reckon we’d see a pretty swift improvement in behaviour!

Jiang Heping, head of the CCTV sports channel, said in an interview with a leading Chinese newspaper that he was blaming the players.

“Some lack even the minimum professional ethics. The state of Chinese football at the moment makes everyone feel bitter. If it goes on like this, it’s in danger of being thoroughly destroyed.”

The type of thing happening in China that has led to the TV suspension sounds pretty terrible. It sounds like the type of thing that couldn’t happen in good old England.

  • Recently a scuffle broke out in a match between teams from Beijing and Tianjin that eventually involved the team coaches.
  • This would never happen in the Premier League would it?

    Anyone remember the Carling Cup Final between Arsenal and Chelsea?


  • Reports said that after the game angry Beijing fans laid siege to the Tianjin team bus.
  • This would never happen in the Premier League would it?

    Anyone remember West Ham against Chelsea in 2007? Read about it here.

  • A team from Wuhan was also recently thrown out of the league after refusing to play matches in protest at a ban given to one of their players.
  • This would never happen in the Premier League would it?

    OK, Sheffield United didn’t refuse to play games after the Carlos Tevez affair but legal action against the Premier League was a serious option. Read about it here.

  • The competition attracts angry crowds.
  • This would never happen in the Premier League would it?

    Anyone see the Sunderland against Newcastle game a few weeks ago? Read about it here.

  • There are problems with match fixing and bribery.
  • This would never happen in the Premier League would it?

    I seem to remember a story about a player with gambling debts arranging to fix matches? Read more here.

    Maybe everyone just needs to take stock of where we are and make sure that Premier League football doesn’t allow itself to get so carried away with its own importance that it alienates the very people that keep it going.

    I know life in China is very different to life in England and Europe, but maybe this situation should be taken as a warning.


    Graham Fisher



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    what happened …why did drogba throw the coin back ??
    and how many matches will he be banned for??

    i love chelsea!

    Graham Fisher

    Only Drogba can explain why he did what he did! He has been banned for 3 matches.

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