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Useful Tips for Playing Online Slots

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 15 Mar 2017


Online slots started out as a simple game which offered a 3×3 grid with symbols that only need to align in the middle. However, today we see the evolution of online video slots into games of their own, with designers beating their brains about the novelties they could implement in order to make a simple game look fresh and exciting and of course beat the competition. When you think about slots there is not much to say about the game play, let alone give advice about playing. Still, there are certain points you should consider if you plan to enjoy your spinning ride.

Betting limits

Betting limits are there for a reason and that is what you should keep in mind too. When you are choosing a slot make sure that the betting margin goes wide enough to cover your budget and gambling aims. One important thing with betting is to pay attention to the paying line. In some slots these lines can be adjusted while other slots come with a fixed number of paylines which means that your minimum bet is multiplied by the number of paylines. This makes a huge difference in your budget, especially if you intend of spending more time at the slot machine. We suggest that you start with slots that offer variable payline, where you can adjust the number to your preferences. Truth to be told, you probably will not earn huge amounts, but you will not get empty-handed either, while you will enjoy the game longer.

One helpful option could be to set your loss limit and you can do that in some slots when you turn on Auto play mode. You can adjust the number of automatic spins and the amount lost that the machine should not exceed. If this option does not exist, do it yourself, set the limit and stick to it, because there will be not much fun in chasing losses.

Online Slot Features

As we have mentioned, today’s slots come packed with features and many of them are brand new which requires special attention and analysis from you. Regardless of the innovations, almost any slot has Free Spins feature. When you look at the Free Spins feature, pay attention whether it offers more than just free spins. In many slots, Free Spins come with special additions such as added Wilds, which can help form winning combinations, or multipliers which will increase your prizes, or pick-to-win games where you pick one of the offered options and get an instant cash prize. Analyze these features carefully when selecting the online slot you will spend your money on. Some slots offer only Free Spins without any additional features and that can see you sit behind the screen watching the futile spins roll before your eyes. Also there are many slots that offer random in-play games which award either cash prizes, special symbols, or multipliers. In other words, choose those titles that have greater winning potential through different features.

Still, do not get carried away with flashy numbers that blink before your eyes such as in Progressive video slots. You should be aware that in most cases the maximum bet is needed to stand a chance to win the progressive jackpot (though it is not impossible) and that you could spend all of your money without even getting closer to the progressive jackpot.

Pick the Right Casino

Picking the right casino seems a hassle but it is actually the thing that makes a huge difference. First of all, online casinos have different return to player rate and this is the first thing you should check about a casino as this number tells how much do they pay to their players. On top of that many casinos offer welcome bonuses, which are usually Free Spins on a given game. This means that you can play for free if you are a new customer or first-time depositor. However, you should have in mind that the winnings from these bonuses cannot be withdrawn just like that. We advise you to always check the terms and conditions on casino’s website.  Even before you engage in playing with the help of casino’s bonuses, you can test all the features and the slots dynamics if you play in free play mode first. This comes highly recommended especially if you are playing a slot for the first time, or you are new to slots altogether.


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