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Video Slots vs Classic Slots

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 25 Jun 2017


Main Difference

While you will discover that the backbones of video and classic slots are identical and that they share the same DNA, both of the variants inevitably come with their own advantages and individual appeals, each arguing on behalf of either classic or video slot. Although at first it seemed that video variants were threatening to push out their classic counterparts, making them a thing of the past, it is now evident that the position of 3 reels slots remains stable.

Slot evolution may have brought the increase in the number of reels and paylines, but it did not result in 3 reels/1 pay line classic slots becoming obsolete. Reductive as they may seem compared to 5 reels video slots with 20 and All Ways Win lines, they still have their loyal fan base, that is reluctant to make the transition from fruit machines to 3D experience and thematic versatility.

Special Features

One of the things that speaks the loudest and can be considered as a huge advantage to video slots, is the existence of Special Features, which makes the entire experience as exciting as it can be, leaving classic slots far behind in comparison. There is a small portion of classic slots with Wilds and Multipliers, but more often than not classic slots will turn out to be pretty straightforward and simple, without any surprises that can spice things up and make the gameplay more enjoyable. The symbols in classic slots stick to the conventional offer and additional icons, such as Scatter or Bonus Spins triggers, are very rarely found.

Bonus Spins and Rounds

Rating the slot’s performance will usually be co-dependent on the number of Bonus games and the  rounds it capacitates; classic slots unfortunately do not have a lot to offer in that area. Unlike video slots, the gameplay is not divided on the main (or base) game and bonus games with free spins. What you see is pretty much what you get with classic slots. Having in mind that there are no special symbols that would unlock the extra games, this actually makes perfect sense.

For those of us who are used to video slots extra perks, Picking games and freebies, classic slots may seem pretty basic and even unfinished. On the other hand, contrary to what one would expected, they are a lot less monotonous than what they seem, and somehow, despite all of the simplicity, classic slots manage to keep the players engaged for a long time.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressives jackpots can be integrated in both classic and video slots, though the frequency rate is higher with the video variants. Bonus points in this case will definitely go to the video slots, as the players can win the main prize randomly and after literally every spin. In classic slots, the combination required to win the jackpot is specific, making the entire process much more difficult – even frustrating at times.

Visual Aspect and Payouts

This is where video slots definitely take the cake. The variety of themes is amazing and video slots often draw inspiration from popular movies, pop culture, historic events, comics and developers even create a completely new settings, characters and story lines. The possibilities are endless and the software providers constantly compete in offering innovative designs and original bonuses. The offer of video slots is renewed every single months, which is unfortunately not the case with classics, that tend to stick to their fruit icons.

Even so, without all the razzle-dazzle and bling, classics slots are far from being boring. With low volatility as their main characteristic, they are highly appreciated with the players who prefer smooth and steady sessions, frequent payouts and a more controlled environment.

As far as the payouts are concerned, they are mostly linked to the actual manufacturer or the software provider, rather than to the type of the slot. Classic and video slots alike can have an attractive return to the player percentage, though in general, high volatility is more often found in video slots.

How to Decide?

If it is excitement, innovation and adventure what you seek, the choice between the two is rather obvious. The abundance of visual and audio pleasures and special effects present in video slots is truly priceless and the best part is that none of these additional perks are compromised – with new titles being released on daily basis, the only shortcoming of video slots is that there are too many of them and the market is crammed with new titles. It is therefore comforting to know that you can always turn to some good old classic spinning when you start feeling overwhelmed with all the bling  – after all, the fact that classic slots persisted after all this time speaks volume and from the looks of it, they are not going anywhere yet.


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