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Winning at Casino Games: Luck vs. Skill

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Casino games can be divided in two categories: those that are based on luck and skill. When we talk about luck based games, we have games like slot machines and scratchcards in mind. Players cannot affect the outcome of these games. They only have to decide how much they will wager per round or what bets they will play. On the other hand, skill based casino games require making more decisions that can lead to a loss or win. If you have been wondering whether winning at casino games depends on luck or skills, we got you covered.    

Luck Based Casino Games

There is nothing wrong in playing casino games for fun. People typically go for casino games based on sheer luck as they don’t require learning special skills. You can start playing them with no need of any introduction. Basically, the only thing you should think about when playing these games is how much you can afford to invest. However, these games involve more risk as luck is changeable and there is not much you can do about it.

Casino games are designed in such a way that the house always wins. Yet, this general rule of thumb particularly applies to luck based games as they come with a higher house edge. You cannot do anything to reduce it as the outcome of each round is random What you can do is play bets with a lower house edge when are offered to choose from multiple betting options.

A typical luck based casino game is a slot machine. When playing it, you only push the Spin button and your performance depends on the way the symbols land on the reels. In our ultimate guide to winning at slots, you can learn the tips and tricks to make the most of playing this type of casino games. Scratchcards, Keno and other lottery-like games function in the similar way, with no skills involved. That’s exactly what makes them highly popular along with the fact that they can pay some large prizes.

Unlike slot machines, Roulette, Craps and Sic Bo are luck based games that offer multiple betting options. They require some skills to play them, mostly in the domain of setting the stake and choosing bets with the highest odds. That’s why it is important to get familiar with the betting layouts and all the options on offer before you start playing them.  

Skill Based Casino Games

Although it is not the most obvious thing, mathematics is behind each and every casino game. When we talk about skills needed for playing a casino game, we talk about the knowledge that can help you lower the house edge and give you an advantage. Just like some games of luck require certain skills, skill based casino games still require some luck. Yet, when playing them, the moves you make can help you beat the casino if you play by the book. 

The most popular skill based casino games include Blackjack, Video Poker and Poker. The outcome of these games hugely depends on the moves that you make. That’s why it is important to apply strategies that can help you get an advantage over the house. These strategies are based on the math behind the game. While playing skill based games, you can win when relying on luck or intuition, but in the long run it can be detrimental to your bankroll.

On our gaming portal, you can find a range of useful articles covering the strategies designed for skill based games. If you are new to Blackjack, learn 7 ways to beat the house. Those of you who prefer Video Poker can learn how to choose a Video Poker variant while Poker fans can find a perfect Live Poker game they can play online. 

How to Choose a Casino Game?

What you should keep in mind is that casinos love players who play luck based games. They generate most of their revenue through slot machines, Roulette and similar games where the house edge is high. If you want to have more control while playing at an online casino and still have fun, start learning the basics of skill based games and the proper strategies.

You should also consider playing the casino games with a low house edge as they provide you with the best odds of winning. However, these are all games of chance where you cannot win constantly. In order to have fun, accept that with casino games you win some, you lose some. Do your homework before you start wagering real cash and keep an eye on your bankroll whether you play a casino game based on luck or skill.

Visit some of the best online casinos, choose a game to your liking and apply a proper strategy to beat it!


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