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Where does Wayne Rooney’s future lie?

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney handed in a transfer request, but will he still be at Old Trafford next season?

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney handed in a transfer request towards the end of last season. Will he still be at Old Trafford next season?

Wayne Rooney’s situation at Manchester United is a confusing one. If you read any of the British tabloids, you will read conflicting reports.

The Sunday Mirror, states that Arsenal has made a £20million bid for the England star.

However, the People, a sister paper of the Mirror claims that Rooney is preparing to sign a new contract, but only on his current salary. It really is hard to understand whom to believe.


David Moyes officially takes over as Manchester United boss tomorrow. One thing that seems certain is that the Scot will sit down and discuss Rooney’s future with the striker and his agent at some point in the next week.

It appears that Moyes wants the 27-year-old to stay at Old Trafford, despite the fact that at Everton the pair did not see eye-to-eye. In fact, Moyes sued Rooney over certain claims in the strikers’ autobiography.

It seems that the pair has now made up, and Rooney put in a transfer request prior to Moyes being announced as Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor at Old Trafford. It remains to be seen what the meeting will achieve.

Second fiddle

Wayne Rooney played a second fiddle to fellow forward Robin van Persie at United last season. The Holland international was considered United’s first choice striker and Rooney was moved around into different positions.

Rooney has never complained about the fact that he is no longer the star turn at Old Trafford, but there is a sense that Rooney is happier when he is centre stage. It seems that Rooney is frustrated at Manchester United, because Van Persie is considered the star player.

However, it will be difficult for Rooney to find a club where is again centre stage, as only major clubs will be able to afford him. Those clubs already have their own star turns in situ.


There has been major speculation about the strikers’ future. Rooney has been linked with a move to a number of clubs including United’s arch-rivals Manchester City. The two latest links are that Rooney could move to Arsenal or Barcelona.

Brazilian superstar Neymar, who has just joined Barcelona, has encouraged the England international to join him in Catalonia, after the Catalan giants were linked with a £25million move for the striker in the Spanish.

Everybody at Arsenal seems to have sung the praises of Rooney this summer, from boss Arsene Wenger to shareholder Ivan Gazidis. The Gunners have also stated that they could afford to purchase Rooney, if they wished.

Both these moves look very unlikely to me. Firstly, Barca have just signed a forward in the shape of Neymar, who is a different sort of player to Rooney, but is still a forward nevertheless. If Barcelona does strengthen their attack this summer, then I would have thought they would look at signing a number nine, not another number ten like Rooney.

Spanish international David Villa looks set to leave the Nou Camp this summer, with believed interest from Premier League clubs Arsenal and Tottenham. In a way, Neymar has already replaced Villa in the Barcelona squad .

It would be difficult for Rooney as he likes to operate in the same areas that the likes of Andres Iniesta, Neymar and Lionel Messi and it could get very messy (pardon the pun).

I do however believe that Rooney is probably the only English player with enough technical ability and football intelligence that would have a chance of making it at Barcelona. The only thing that could let him down is his mentality, which has been questioned at times throughout his career, with allegations of Rooney’s general fitness being poor.

A move to Arsenal would be a very interesting one for Rooney and Arsenal. The Gunners are in desperate need of a striker, with attacking options very limited at the Emirates. However, a bit like Barcelona I think the Gunners could do with an out-and-out striker, rather than a Rooney-type player.

However, I do believe that Rooney would be a good signing for Arsenal. He would be a first choice striker again and the move may give his career fresh impetus. The apparent impending arrival of Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid could scupper the deal though.


Where Wayne Rooney’s future lies will be dictated by what happens when the striker talks to new boss Moyes in the next week. Ironically, after all the talk of a big money move I believe that the striker is more likely to stay at Old Trafford and be playing for Manchester United next season than elsewhere.

Putting in the transfer request may just have been Rooney showing the fact that he does not feel appreciated at Old Trafford and just like the William Shakespeare play of the same name, the story could be Much Ado About Nothing.

Where will Wayne Rooney be playing his football next season?


David Nugent

David is a freelance football writer with nearly a decade of experience writing about the beautiful game. The 33-year-old has written for over a dozen websites and also an international soccer magazine offline.
Arguably his best work has come as an editorial writer for Soccernews, sharing his good, bad and ugly opinions on the world’s favourite sport. During David’s writing career he has written editorials, betting previews, match previews, banter, news and opinion pieces.




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17 Comments on "Where does Wayne Rooney’s future lie?"


I don’t know why Rooney is so afraid to compete with RvP for the position he wants which would help him improve his form, instead he cowardly asks for a transfer request. MOYES LET HIM LEAVE

Real Madrid Website

TBH I cant imagine Rooney playing for any other team than Manchester United, he is one of their pillars .. his differences with Moyes should be solved for the benefit of the two


Rooney should stay. He should be man enough to carry the team on his shoulders after Sir Alex’s retirement.

sun yong shukim than sekungo orama koma burama ko
sun yong shukim than sekungo orama koma burama ko

rooney should leave because there is no reason playing with a manager you are angry with


quite the contrary. He should stay, he had a good relationship with Moyes until sometime in his second season at Everton. Don’t see why he wouldn’t bother to mend that.

Peter Adams

I think he can play at the number 9 position at Barcelona.


ur a great men continue until u r the best

Sergio Aguero Fan

I dont really care about what happens to Rooney he’s not really a great player therefore i don’t really care about whether he stays or goes but i think that managers should always give the players what they want in situations like this. If players want to leave let them leave therefore David Moyes should let Rooney go.

soban rokaya

play where your you feel comfortable………………..
your one of the best player in the world. you are also consider on the level of c.ronaldo and messi


Let him do what what he wishes,may be his thoughts leading him to the best idea,but Man U iz the best.


“Sergio Aguero Fan”. . .

look who’s helped his team win more trophies. End of story.

Unless, you were in fact hoping for Moyes to release Rooney so that City could sign him? Not so slick. . .

Peter Adams

Please let him stay a ManU

Sergio Aguero Fan

“brad” I dont even want city to sign to be honost I HATE Rooney well my whole family but im just saying if Rooney wants to leave he should leave

ian callaghan

wayne rooney is massively over-rated. on his day he can be brilliant. he doesn’t have anywhere near enough of these days though. if man u want to play a formation with 1 striker. then rvp should start ahead of rooney every time. he’s a much better striker and more of a goal threat than rooney. £25 million would be great business for utd.


the thing is why would he want to leave? the only places a player of his caliber would seriously consider going to are places like the Manchester clubs: Barca, Madrid, Milan. . . you get it, teams with loads of talented superstars. why not stay? a 4-4-2 with Rooney and RVP up top would work, and he’d once again be center stage, only he’d be sharing it with RVP.


Rooney is still the best striker,,,well I want him to go wherever he want, because after coming van persie ,,Rooney had been underestimated at OT. He where second choice,, although he is different than RVP, I dont want to compare them,,but no one is better than Rooneys on his day,, so he hv to prove himself,,wherever he play. Go Rooney all the best champ,

juma nashon

Rooney is the best that’s y best managers want to sign him because they no his worth…don’t turn your back on reds we need u

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