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Will United sign Everton duo before transfer window shuts?

Manchester united boss David Moyes has had an offer of £28million turned down for Everton pair Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini

Manchester united boss David Moyes has had an offer of £28million turned down for Everton pair Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini

According to Sky Sports, Everton have rejected a £28million double bid for star players Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini from Manchester United, as United boss David Moyes looks to strengthen his squad.


The offer was a disrespectful one to Everton and the players. It seems that United boss David Moyes has forgotten any respect he once had for the Toffees and turned into Arsene Wenger.

I am surprised at the Scot for attempting to hit Everton with such a low blow.


Moyes has yet to open the United chequebook since arriving at Old Trafford and seems to think he still has to penny pinch like he did at Everton. It was no surprise that Moyes has attempted to bring in players he knows well from his old club.

The surprise was the measly fee offered. I doubt the Scot really thought that Everton would accept such a small fee for two of their top players. I believe it was just an opening gambit for negotiations to begin.

Even most right-minded Manchester United fans are saying that the fee offered is too low for the two players, which really does say something about the credibility of the offer.


Marouane Fellaini’s contract was believed to include a minimum fee release clause of around £23million, but that clause expired in July. With that clause expired, Everton fans thought the club may get slightly more money for the Belgium international midfielder.

However, it seems that Manchester United have bid just £16million for Fellaini and £12million for Baines. Fellaini arrived at Everton for £15million from Standard Liege, with add-ons that have cost the Toffees an extra £2million.

Standard Liege could be set to receive further money with Fellaini also believed to have a sell-on fee included in the deal that brought him to Merseyside. If Everton sold Fellaini for such a small fee the Toffee’s could even be losing money on a player that became hot property last season.


I think the general consensus amongst the Everton fans is that if either were to go then Fellaini would be the one that the team would miss the least. The big Belgium international does have talent and did start to mature into a very important player last season.

However, Fellaini is a ticking time bomb, just ready to go off. His temper can get the better of him and he lashes out, which can cost his team. He also has a tendency to lose interest in games were things are not going his way.

However, Leighton Baines is one of the most important players in Everton’s attacking play. Very rarely is a full-back as crucial to a team’s game plan as Baines is to Everton’s. New boss Roberto Martinez’s style of play will allow Baines to bomb forward at will and help create chances for his teammates.

Baines did that under Moyes, but it seems he has even more license to get forward under the Spaniard. Baines’ link-up with Steven Pienaar down the left side of Everton’s team is one of the most potent partnerships in the top-flight.

Baines leaving would be a major blow to Everton, a far bigger blow than the loss of the temperamental Fellaini. If Everton receive an offer worth considering for Fellaini I do believe that the Toffees will sell the Belgium international.

Not needed

It’s questionable if United need Baines anyway. The Red Devils already have Patrice Evra and Alexander Buttner in their squad. I highly doubt that the champions need three left-backs in their squad.


Manchester United does need to strengthen their midfield, but whether Marouane Fellaini is the answer is debatable. United may need a strong midfielder with strong physical presence, Fellaini fits that description.

Although Fellaini is a good footballer on his day, he does slightly lack in the creativity stakes. If United are looking for a player that can break up attacks and is decent with the ball then Fellaini would be perfect, but if they are looking for a midfield playmaker they have the wrong man.


The summer transfer window shuts at the start of next month. Between now and then there are likely to be improved bids for Fellaini. I just have the feeling that United were chancing their hand thinking they may get Baines on the cheap as part of a deal for Fellaini.

I can see Manchester United signing Fellaini, probably for a fee upwards of £20million before the transfer window shuts. However, I do not think that Baines will end up at Old Trafford this summer.

There is one certainly though, the £28million bid was never going to be enough to sign the pair and David Moyes must have known that.

This sort of bid shows that he has not yet settled into life at United, as United have money to spend and their first bid for the Everton duo was really derogatory to his old club. The Scot may still get the pair, but it certainly will not be for such a small fee as £28million.

Will United sign Everton duo before transfer window shuts?


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ann onymous
ann onymous

Moyes is acting like a fool. Making such insulting offers is only gonna make it harder to get the club into selling their players. If you return with an offer, make it a serious one, please.


What an insult, I guess this man (Moyes) will be worst than Arsener Wenger in terms of transfer market, £28 for Fellani & Baines because you are no longer at Everton. Manchester United has the fund, pls fastened up and buy them, mostly Fellani, I want him to play against Chelsea if possible.

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