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A Look At All Eight Nations’ Route to the World Cup Final

Harry Kettle in Editorial, World Cup 7 Dec 2022

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We started with 32 but now, we’re down to the final eight nations on the road to the 2022 FIFA World Cup final. While some would argue there are clear favourites, we’d suggest that all eight have a legitimate chance of going all the way based on what they’ve produced thus far.

As is always the case, the draw for the knockouts has been split up into two sides – and today, we’re going to take a look at the route to glory for everyone remaining.

Side A

Netherlands vs Argentina

These two have met before on the big stage and they’ll do so again this weekend. The Dutch have looked solid thus far, which is probably the best way to describe them, but they have yet to really announce themselves in a big way. Argentina, on the other hand, are working off the back of momentum with Lionel Mess doing everything in his power to drag them kicking and screaming to the final.

Croatia vs Brazil

Croatia seem to be following the same road that they did in 2018, in the sense that they are edging their way past opponents by any means necessary en route to the final. It’s a bit less likely they’ll get there this time around, though, with Brazil looking as good as they do. The five-time champions are the favourites once again and fans shouldn’t be at all surprised if they are able to go all the way.

Netherlands/Argentina vs Croatia/Brazil

If we were to make an official prediction, we would suggest that the Netherlands vs Brazil is the best bet for the semis – although, many would prefer to see an all-South American rivalry. Any of the possible outcomes here would be fun, but we all know the Brazilians lead the charge.

Side B

England vs France

These two nations haven’t met at a major tournament for quite some time and for that reason alone, there’s real intrigue behind what kind of match-up we’re actually going to get. The Three Lions will be seen as the underdogs but they have such a great cohesive unit within their starting XI, whereas Les Bleus are the reigning champions – and they have Kylian Mbappe, which is always a nice bonus.

Morocco vs Portugal

Morocco have served as a great surprise package in this tournament so far with their style of play, in addition to everything else, marking a really fun change of pace from the usual big guns. Portugal, on the other hand, looked absolutely incredible in beating Switzerland – and if they can carry on in that kind of form, there is no reason whatsoever to think they can’t finally reach the final.

England/France vs Morocco/Portugal

If we had to put our thoughts behind an actual prediction, we’d say France vs Portugal is the safe bet for the semi-final. It would be quite the collision and a rematch of the Euro 2016 final, with the winner going on to battle the triumphant nation from Side A. France, in our view, are most likely to do so.


Harry Kettle

Harry is a University of Worcester graduate who has been writing professionally for the last two years. He specialises in several sports such as MMA, pro wrestling and athletics, with football being his primary love. He continues to dream of a life in the Premier League as a Wolves fan.



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