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Another backward step by Capello as Terry gets the armband again

Graham Fisher in Editorial, General Soccer News 16 Mar 2011


Losing his grip?

It was with surprise and sadness that I read the news that Fabio Capello is about to hand the England captaincy back to John Terry. Quite how this can be regarded as a positive move by anyone is completely beyond my comprehension. Don’t get me wrong, Terry has been a fine player and leader for Chelsea, less so for England, but he should never be handed back the national armband.


Apparently Capello’s change of heart came after he felt sorry for Terry in England’s recent friendly win over Denmark. In the absence of captain Rio Ferdinand and deputy Steve Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Gareth Barry and Ashley Cole all took the role ahead of Terry. That was quite right as Terry had been stripped of the captaincy and told publicly by Capello that whilst he was manager, that would never change.

Wasn’t that what we all liked about Capello in the first place? He was single minded, decisive and demanded discipline and standards. Apparently not any more. Speaking about the Denmark game Capello said,

“Seeing that happen made me think about Terry. I thought it was hard for him. He was a player and a good leader, for England and Chelsea, and he is still good. So it is part of my job to make these decisions.”


This is the same John Terry who spoke out about the regime under Capello at the World Cup and publicly told the manager he was picking the wrong team? This is the leader who had absolutely no support from any of the players after he spoke out? This is the same John Terry about whom Capello said he had made a ‘big mistake’?

What is it that John Terry has done this season that means Capello would have such an extreme change of heart and undertake a total u-turn?

His performances have been OK but not outstanding. His leadership on the pitch has been the same as always, but probably hasn’t had quite the same effect as usual. Even Ancelotti has said that the arrival of David Luis means that Terry is no longer an automatic choice.


The truth is that Terry hasn’t done anything else wrong, but he hasn’t done anything terribly good either and it is for that reason that his re-appointment as captain can’t be anything other than a backward and slightly concerning step.

Capello once looked to be totally in control of things in the England set up, but this is another example of him losing his grip. Without that grip, I’m not sure what he brings to the job.

Are the likes of Michael Dawson, Gary Cahill and Phil Jagielka better players than John Terry at the moment? That’s doubtful, but I’m pretty sure they will be in three years time when the next World Cup comes around. I’m not convinced that Terry should still be playing for England let alone being made captain again.


I know Ferdinand is injured again, but why take the captaincy away from him? We just need a temporary captain for the game in Wales. What has Steve Gerrard done wrong?

I am really fed up with England managers refusing to look to the future. I hoped that Capello would be the answer. If he is the answer, it is beginning to look like a pretty silly question!


Graham Fisher



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Chelsea FC Fan
Chelsea FC Fan
12 years ago

I’m almost offended Graham… Let’s clarify this for a sec…the backward step was granting Fabio leadership of this team…not who he gives Captaincy to. Fabio has been a dismal failure in all aspects of management of this squad. Now he assigns roles according to sympathy? hahah…Wayne Bridge should be right up there then… Has anyone checked if Capello is mentally fit for this job? I hope that Terry just leaves the National team…he’s far too criticised by his people to inspire and serve them the way Chelsea fans know he can. And if the players won’t help him, he has… Read more »

samuel 1723
samuel 1723
12 years ago

Fabio Capello is confused . it’s time for a change .

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