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The Art of Bankroll Management in Soccer Betting

Stefan Budur in Soccer Betting Strategies 15 Apr 2024


Bankroll management is the most significant characteristic that separates winning bettors from those who consistently lose money. The key to winning at betting is knowing how to handle your finances.

People who use a money management system to manage their finances and those who spend all their income before receiving a paycheck seem related to winning and losing punters.

In this article, I will guide you on how to manage your money in soccer betting by giving you useful tips so you will never end up bust. Also, I will teach you how to set realistic profit goals in betting and what to do when you are on a losing streak.

What is bankroll management in soccer betting?

Bankroll management in soccer betting is a system for punters to manage the money wagered over a longer period without losing all of their cash. Using a predetermined amount of money, bankroll management allows you to place varying stakes for each wager without risking losing your entire investment. Also, remember that a football betting strategy is used to manage your cash for the long term.

The most profitable gamblers have become experts at managing their bankrolls. If you’re just getting started, it’s ideal to test your betting abilities with a tiny bankroll until you understand how to handle your money over different stakes and bet types.

Why do you need bankroll management in betting?

Essentially, bankroll management keeps you in charge at all times. You always know how much you wager on the upcoming game, and understand that everything can be specifically set up and not up to chance.

It also refers to betting as an investment, which is another reason it’s crucial to grasp the importance of money management. Nobody likes to lose money, much less large sums from an enjoyable hobby. The way these two groups tackle the philosophy distinguishes them from regular gamblers and professional punters.

To put it simply, you need bankroll management in soccer betting to:

  • avoid losing your bankroll
  • increase your betting profits in the long term
  • spot and correct your wagering mistakes

While the average Sunday gambler will always discuss losses, the winning punter will view each wager as an investment that will eventually yield returns.

Bankroll management depending on total odds

Staking money for each wager while considering the final odds on the bet slip and the preceding winning/losing run is known as bankroll management. Still, odds are important in bankroll management since they provide the compounding effect for each stake.

A common sense to minimize the risk of losing your entire bankroll is to:

  • stake small amounts of the bankroll for bets with high odds
  • stake larger amounts of money for bets with lower odds

However, be careful with the second choice. Many gamblers who used this approach and placed significant bets on expected outcomes lost money. The ideal illustration of how the reigning La Liga champions settled for a goalless draw at Getafe comes from Barcelona’s season opener comes in mind.

Because a goal scored in the game was valued at 1.10, bettors were required to invest a substantial amount of money to receive a respectable return. Still, the final whistle left them empty-handed.

Top tips for bankroll management in soccer betting

  • don’t use odds smaller than 1.20 outside of the Easy-Money betting strategy. It’s unfortunate to forfeit a sizable stake for a small profit margin
  • since the odds between the 1.50 to 2.00 range pose an average risk, money management is different; I advise a maximum of 15% of the total bank for each bet placed
  • for odds above 2.00, don’t exceed 5% of the total bank amount if you want effective bankroll management
  • an important recommendation is to bet between 15% and 20% on odds between 1.20 and 1.50
  • your game shouldn’t be focused on fancy and incredibly lucky odds higher than 10; this type of gamble is considered a lottery therefore stake a maximum of 1% of your entire bankroll for each bet

Soccer betting strategies that require bankroll management

I suggest utilising well-known betting strategies for improved bankroll management when you place live bets or build ACCAs. Also, staking single bets using bookings, corners, and over/under 2.5 goal selections offers great value to punters.

Let’s examine some of the most widely used betting strategies and the money management for each wager you make.

Martingale is one of the most popular betting strategies that requires a minimum odds of 2 and doubling the stake after each loss. This is one of the riskier betting strategies that could lead you to lose your entire bankroll following a losing streak.

Here comes the tricky part of managing your bankroll using a Martingale betting system. Since you require odds of 2 or above and double your stake after each loss, I advise you to break down your bankroll into 8 consecutive bets.  allowing you to double the stake after each bet, without going bust.

For example, for a 511-unit bankroll, your bet stakes as described above will look like this:

  • 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256

Since you rarely get odds straight 2 each time, you can adjust the stake accordingly. Also, after each win, restart at step 1 and withdraw the profit you made.


The Fibonacci system is a slightly better idea than the Martingale for money management. You have a lower risk using Fibonacci because the stake is increased gradually using the following sequence:

  • 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34

Compared to Martingale you can wager a bigger percentage of your bankroll because it has a smaller risk. While the Fibonacci strategy is better suited for rookies, the same concepts of withdrawing the profit after each win still hold.

If you don’t find Martingale and Fibonacci systems suitable, try D’Alembert, Paroli or Laboucherre betting strategies for optimal bankroll management.

Bankroll management tips to handle winning and losing streaks

Skilled gamblers understand how to remove emotion from the game and view it as a long-term investment rather than a lucky charm. To manage your wins and losses as a professional bettor, use the advice below:

  • set up winning and losing limits over some time and stick to them; if you had set a 50-unit limit per week and you lost all the units in three days, take time to correct your mistakes, adjust your staking and resume betting next week
  • don’t add money to your bankroll; if you lose your entire bankroll you need to rethink the betting strategy rather than fueling something that didn’t work
  •  if you are on a winning streak, don’t get overconfident; stick to the limit you already set and withdraw the funds

Gamble responsibly using only the money you can afford to lose. Track all your bets using an Excel sheet to see your mistakes and improve your bankroll management in soccer betting


Stefan Budur

Former owner of Betting Mojo, experienced bettor and former punter at Betadvisor, Stefan has done it all when it comes to soccer betting. With more than 15 years of experience in the gambling industry, he gained a lot of knowledge that he'd like to share with readers so you can position yourself better every time you place a bet.



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