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Celtic are a great club, but surely enough is enough

Graham Fisher in Editorial, Scottish Premier League 14 Jan 2011


Stop moaning and take some responsibility!

I was a fan of Neil Lennon as a player and I supported his appointment as manager of Celtic. Despite that, I am finding that he is becoming increasingly boring with his constant moaning. Who’s fault was it that mighty Celtic could only draw with a last minute penalty at lowly, humble, bottom placed Hamilton? Yes, that’s right, not his or the players, it was the linesman!


I have no axe to grind with Celtic. They are a fantastic club with wonderful support and a proud history, but they are in danger of looking a bit silly.

On Wednesday, before Celtic’s poor effort at Hamilton and yet another rant from their official hating obsessive manager, the Scottish FA president George Peat had spoken out about the club and how ‘tiresome’ they are becoming.


Lennon had been handed a six month touchline ban for previous misdemeanours on the side of the pitch. At this time when everyone in football is being asked to show some respect to the officials, the length of the ban handed out a strong message. You would think that the ban would be a salutary lesson to Lennon and to Celtic.

Nothing of the sort. Celtic immediately said they would appeal and described the ban as excessive and unprecedented. They went on to say,


“We have maintained for some time that a range of the SFA’s processes and structures needed to be reviewed and updated. This view was supported recently by Henry McLeish in his review of the SFA. Tuesday’s events only underline and reinforce our opinion. Our appeal will also focus on issues of procedural fairness and the manner in which such hearings are conducted.”

George Peat of the SFA responded by saying,

“Celtic’s policy of airing their grievances in public is becoming tiresome. Perhaps Celtic should devote more time to their own responsibilities and discipline than questioning others.”


Celtic responded with the following unbelievable statement,

“We find it slightly curious that once again SFA President, George Peat, has seen fit to involve himself by attacking Celtic in this way. Particularly when there is an ongoing appeal against yesterday’s judgement to impose a six-match ban on Neil Lennon.”

To an outsider, Celtic look ridiculous. They accuse Peat of attacking them. Isn’t he just responding to Celtic’s attack?


Anyway, back to the football and Neil Lennon. Presumably with all that is going on we can expect Lennon to be very careful and not to say anything to further antagonise the SFA or to do anything to prejudice the appeal against his ban.

Wrong again. After the pathetic 1-1 draw with Hamilton Lennon decided to speak out about the officials again.


“You’re talking about big moments in the game again. Hamilton’s goal, which shouldn’t have been a goal, and penalty we should’ve had. It seems to be every other game now. I don’t want to say too much as I’m in enough trouble, but it’s frustrating.”

Too late Neil, you’ve already said it! He felt that Hamilton’s goal should have been disallowed for offside.


“From what I gather he’s blocking the view of my goalkeeper and maybe two or three yards offside. The linesman is quick to see the corner that goes out for Stokes’ goal at the end, but he can’t see a blatant offside. Staggering.”

Neil, it isn’t staggering. Maybe he saw the offside but deemed that the player wasn’t interfering? Maybe the player wasn’t offside? Maybe he made a mistake? The fact that the ball went out of play from the corner is irrelevant. The linesman is looking straight down the line and can’t fail to see it. That is bad corner taking by your highly paid player, not any reflection on the linesman.


Lennon thought his side should have had a penalty.

“It was a penalty. A clear penalty. There’s no contact, Canning’s not got the ball. He’s taken Niall out and it’s a penalty.”

Blah, blah, blah. Is anyone else bored? The fact that Celtic failed to beat Hamilton means that Neil Lennon should be taking a close look at himself and his players and should stop blaming everything on the officials. If he did his job right Celtic would have been two or three goals up and the decisions, right or wrong, wouldn’t have mattered.

I hope the SFA uphold his ban.


Graham Fisher



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12 years ago

George Peat or his lackeys couldn’t have said it any better

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