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Glorious Demise of Emmanuel Adebayor

Milos Markovic in Editorial, English Premier League 22 Oct 2016

Where did it all go wrong for Adebayor? / Image via

Where did it all go wrong for Adebayor? / Image via

He could have been an Arsenal legend, sitting side by side with Gunners who carved their name in gold letters at the Emirates, but Emmanuel Adebayor chose a different path, one which made him a Premier League villain, a tag he never quite got rid of.

As we await fresh news about the next chapter in his colourful career, let us all take a moment to take a deeper insight in Emmanuel Adebayor’s life as a professional football player, a kind and charitable philanthropist and a child in heart living in luxury he is never too shy to boast with.

Premier League Legacy

Brought in the winter of 2006, Emmanuel Adebayor was given the nickname “Baby Kanu”, the player Adebayor idolised as a youth.

A £3 million investment went on to play more than 100 Premier League appearances for Gunners, initially showing great promise and potential to be able to fill in the boots of legendary Thierry Henry. Three years after his Monaco move however, Emmanuel Adebayor got involved in a bitter contract wrangle which did result in him signing a new deal with Arsenal, but also cutting the close ties with Arsene Wenger who was disappointed with Adebayor’s attitude.

A move for Manchester City occurred the following summer, a move which was the introduction of Emmanuel Adebayor’s demise into mediocrity.

Instead of earning himself a legendary status at the Emirates, Emmanuel Adebayor decided to smear his Arsenal legacy when he decided to celebrate a goal for Manchester City in front of Arsenal’s fans, almost sparking a riot in September 2009.

Everything he did on the pitch never was in accordance with his off-pitch reputation, but Emmanuel Adebayor did himself big favours on multiple occasions ultimately proving he is a liability and a player who can’t be trusted.

Loan move to Real Madrid in 2011 was not a successful one and Adebayor returned to England after only 14 La Liga games and another bitterly ended spell. A move to Tottenham Hotspur was another blow to his Arsenal fandom, making Adebayor one of the most hated players in Arsene Wenger’s era.

Extravagant Lifestyle

A Togo-born striker is to this date one of the most recognised African footballers, who made his way to the top starting from the slums.

Having worked hard for his money and wealth, Adebayor never shun the opportunities to show off his good life, collection of watches, cars, mobile devices and designer clothes.

Overly extravagant in his lifestyle the African forward is at the same time, somewhat unbelievably, considered one of the most philanthropic people in Africa whose random acts of kindness come quite regularly.

Emmanuel Adebayor presented a Ghanian comedian Funny Face with a brand new Range Rover back in 2013 with his act of kindness making news nationwide. What is more, whenever home, Emmanuel Adebayor is involved in charity events and fundraisers in order to be of help to his community.

Doors to his luxurious house(s) are – better said were – always open to friends and family, who were allowed in even in his absence. Such was the case until recent revelations of his mother reportedly practicing black magic, which ultimately alienated Adebayor from his closest members of the family.

His fulfilled social life apparently took the better of his professional career which is now at the crossroads after a failed spell with Crystal Palace and utterly disappointing failed move to French side Lyon in August.


Somewhat surprisingly, former Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham striker is being involved in negotiations with a United Arab Emirates side Al-Wasl, known for being managed by great Diego Maradona a few years back.

With his reputation in European football severely damaged after a succession of wild antics and unpredictable, unprofessional conduct, Emmanuel Adebayor as a 32-year-old footballer is unwilling to call quits on his career.

A heavy spender as he is, Adebayor has opened negotiations over what will surely be a lucrative deal for the African star. Playing for Al Wasl and Dubai in general is offering a significant lack of the competitive angle, which Adebayor is seemingly ready to give up on in return for money.

United Arab Emirates transfer window is closing and Adebayor will have to make his move quickly.

A highly likely deal with Al Wals will most definitely and utterly effectively put an end to Adebayor’s career in Europe, which unfortunately transformed a player of great promise into a failed star, notoriously hated for his lack of respect for the game.

A disappointing demise of a kind humanitarian he is regarded as in his homeland.


Milos Markovic

Formerly a Chief Editor at the largest sports site in Serbia, Milos Markovic is an avid football writer who contributes to a variety of online football magazines - most prominently and His feature articles, editorials, interviews and match analyses have provided informed opinion and views, helping the football aficionados keep up to date on relevant events in world football.



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