Friday, June 9, 2023

Horrible decisions hurt a below par Tottenham and help a below par Chelsea


Refereeing decisions, or in this case assistant refereeing decisions, should not have any impact on the outcome of crucial games. Unfortunately, more often than not, they do and that has to stop.


The use of goal-line technology has constantly been snubbed by the game’s governing bodies and it is beyond the comprehension of man to understand why on earth that might be. Chelsea’s first goal against Tottenham yesterday simply did not cross the line. By the time that the referee had consulted with his assistant, millions of people watching on television knew that it wasn’t a goal but then had to look on as the referee said it was. That is ludicrous and makes a mockery oif the game.

Having said that, the assistant referee also made an error of astonishing incompetence. He was rightly positioned some eighteen yards away from the goal-line as Gomes comically fumbled the ball and scrambled back to stop it going in. It was a physical impossibility for the official to be sure whether it had gone in or not, but he chose to say that it had. I don’t know how the man can justify that decision but, of course, he won’t have to.


The assistant then failed to spot that Kalou was offside when he received the ball from Drogba near the end of the game and poked home Chelsea’s winner. The argument for technology is not so clear cut when it comes to offside decisions and that one can only be put down to incompetence.

It wasn’t all one way because Chelsea had a pretty good shout for a penalty turned down as well. Despite the hysteria surrounding some decisions this season, particularly in favour of Manchester United, I do not believe for one second that the integrity of any official in the Premier League is in doubt. It is there competence that needs to be questionned.


The officials will not have to explain their decisions, yet Harry Redknapp will be asked by all and sundry about his opinions on the two goals that have probably put an end to his side’s chances of playing in the Champions League. If he says anything derrogatory about the officials he will be fined and banned. It is a stupid situation.

I am neither a Chelsea nor a Tottenham fan and I really didn’t mind who won the game yesterday. On the balance of play, Chelsea deserved their win but if the first goal hadn’t been awarded who knows what would have happened. The time has come where such big games can no longer be decided by wrong decisions.


Having said all that, if Gomes could do the basics of goalkeeping, the arguments would never had arisen. His calamity filled career at Tottenham must surely be coming to an end.

Tottenham did not look the same team that was on fire earlier in the season. Gareth Bale is not even close to being a shadow of the player he was in the San Siro a few months ago and Rafael van der Vaart has also gone totally off the boil. Roman Pavlyuchenko is not good enough and Aaron Lennon couldn’t be more frustrating if he tried.


The only player for Tottenham who was at his best was the mercurial Luca Modric who must be wondering what has gone wrong with all those around him.

Chelsea showed some spirit and kept driving forward. In truth, they weren’t very good, but just about deserved the three points they controversially got. David Luiz showed again just what a very good player they have got and Fernando Torres was a little more lively. They will be serious contenders again next season but will probably fall just short this time around. They shouldn’t be in with a chance after the run they had earlier in the season, but they have battled away to keep themselves in the frame.

All in all, the game was unsatisfactory. Neither team was at their best and the decisions were terrible. Even so, it was still better that Real Madrid against Barcelona!!


Graham Fisher



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Sadiq aminu
12 years ago

There will be a dramatic scene if chelsea clinch the FA premier league title.3 points ahead wooh….. so interest:-)

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