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Playing Live Baccarat at High Stakes: Keep an Eye on Your Bankroll

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 13 Dec 2019


Baccarat is one of those games that feel like they’ve always been with us. Passed down from French nobility and popularized by James Bond movies, the game enjoys incredible success. It sits as a must-have for any virtual or live dealer casino, alongside poker, blackjack and roulette.

Of course, it’s not just the charm of a sophisticated British gentleman that has popularized Baccarat. Gamblers love it because it’s one of the most profitable casino games! With an RTP of around 98%, it’s a safe bet for high rollers who are looking to enjoy a few hours of risky action! So, if you plan on trying your luck with high stakes baccarat, what are some things to keep in mind?

Budget Accordingly

This is advice every player should take to heart, but it doubly counts for high rollers. Good bankroll management will be the key difference between winners and losers in the long term. As always, follow the first rule of gambling: never bet what you can’t afford to lose!Especially at high roller tables!

Because you’re playing with significant sums of cash, it can be easy to get carried away after a big win. Watching hundreds of thousands of dollars suddenly flooding into your account is an experience few people can resist. And when you inevitably hit a losing streak, gamblers will do almost anything to get their funds back. Including bankrupting themselves!

So set your limits and stick to them! Resist the temptation to overspend, to see if your luck gets better in the next round. And if you need help in this department, every casino worth visiting has implemented responsible gambling. Set yourself deposit limits or cooling-off periods, so you’re not tempted to go wild with your newly earned cash.

Strategy Is Important

High stakes baccarat is a different beast than its more casual counterpart. Unless you’re absolutely loaded, a big loss on a high roller table will sting. As a result, players have to make use of baccarat strategies to come out ahead. Tips like bet on the banker and avoid no commission baccarat should already be ingrained in you before you even look in the direction of a high stakes table.

And it goes without saying, but you should only ever make wagers on side bets if you have a good gut feeling about it. These bonus bets lower the RTP of Baccarat but provide you with an opportunity to score a solid prize quickly.

One more suggestion we feel is worth mentioning is to use baccarat roadmaps. Don’t get us wrong; it’s not mandatory if you plan on playing high stakes baccarat. But if you want to maximize your wins, then we definitely recommend looking at our introduction to baccarat roadmaps. It will go through all the essential information you need to be able to make use of this feature the software providers gave us.

Make Use of Bonuses

The advantage of online gambling is the ability to claim a whole slew of cool promotions! And while many bonuses are primarily aimed at slot-goers, you will find an occasional promotion which applies to table and live dealer games. You will want to make good use of these bonuses, as they will provide the edge you need in your high roller adventure.

So before you make a deposit, make sure that enticing welcome promotion also applies to Baccarat. Then, make sure the wagering requirements aren’t too steep. And once you’ve ensured both of these conditions are met, you can go ahead and start depositing cash!

Online casinos usually entice players with an initial welcome offer, giving them the option to make a deposit which they will match. Most casinos will usually cap that welcome offer at $1,000, though you will find operators who offer more and less. It all depends on which casino you pick!

Another bonus you’ll want to take a look at are VIP programs. If you’re playing high stakes, casinos will want to keep you around with exciting goodies. A great VIP program can and often will be the push when you decide where to play.

Closing Thoughts

While a good promotion is important, make sure you pick a safe and reputable casino first and foremost. If you plan on depositing and sinking large sums of money, you don’t want the operator to close your account and take your funds for shady reasons.

As for the debate between virtual and live dealer Baccarat, it depends on what you want from your game. You can win big with both versions. In terms of convenience, virtual Baccarat is still the route to go. You don’t have to wait for other players or for an open seat to appear at a table. But the experience of winning big is twice as sweet when other people are there to see it!

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