Thursday, June 8, 2023

Premier League predictions

More difficult times...shame.

Before you think that I have made some very strange predictions here, you should know that I am writing these before knowing the results from the last couple of days! If anything strange happened there, I simply don’t know about it.


Birmingham v Manchester United
Birmingham are well organised and difficult to beat. The problem they have is that they can’t score goals.

United are well organised and difficult to beat. The problem they have is that they are having real problems winning away games.

Birmingham have scored just eight times in eight home games but United have won just once in seven away games, drawing the other six.

Basically, if United can find a goal they will win. I think they will.

Soccernews prediction: 0-1

Manchester City v Aston Villa
Two teams who had high hopes of a top four finish before the season started. City still do and Villa are a million miles away.

This game will be won and lost in midfield. City are very strong in that area and Villa have a lot of promise but are not the finished article yet.

Soccernews prediction: 2-0

Stoke v Fulham
I don’t expect there to be too many goals in this one. Stoke are decent at home but have been beaten three times this season already. Fulham just can’t win away and five points and six goals from eight trips tells it’s own story.

Soccernews prediction: 1-0

Sunderland v Blackpool
Sunderland look to be a lot stronger this year than they have been for some time. They have a genuine threat going forward and are nowhere near so reliant on the goals of Darren Bent.

Blackpool are a joy and they will take the game to Sunderland and throw caution to the wind as they often do. I think they might come unstuck in this one although I hesitate to bet against them.

Soccernews prediction: 2-1

Tottenham v Newcastle
One very good side with a stable owner and a fine manager take on Newcastle.

There can only be one result here and the times could become hard for Alan Pardew and that Ashley bloke very soon.

Soccernews prediction: 3-0

West Brom v Blackburn
The free flowing pass and move football of West Brom comes up against the ‘in your face’ direct style of Blackburn.

I know which one I hope comes out on top.

Soccernews prediction: 2-0

West Ham v Everton
If I had my predictions right a couple of days ago then this will be Avram Grant’s last chance to get the win he needed in his three game ultimatum.

Everton had been struggling until they won at Eastlands and West Ham might just get the win their boss needs.

Soccernews prediction: 2-1


Chelsea v Bolton
There is no doubt that Chelsea have had a worrying spell and that Bolton are a far better side than they have been for a few seasons. Despite that, there is only one possible outcome in this one.

Soccernews prediction: 2-0

Liverpool v Wolves
As with the previous game, I can only see one result here. Liverpool are a long way short of where they should be but their home form is pretty good.

Wolves are not a great side and they have a serious struggle ahead. They haven’t won away and they won’t do it here.

Soccernews prediction: 2-0

Wigan v Arsenal
This is the third game that is easy to predict today. Wigan try to play football the right way under Roberto Martinez and that is great. The problem is that they try to play like Arsenal but they don’t have as good players and they are not as good at it.

Soccernews prediction: 0-2


Graham Fisher



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