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Role model Beckham continues to work hard at thirty-five

Graham Fisher in Editorial, MLS 23 Feb 2011


Farewell to Tottenham

David Beckham has returned to LA Galaxy after his training spell at Tottenham. He has reported back for pre-season training ahead of hopefully playing a part in their opening fixture against Seattle Sounders on 15th March.


Beckham had hoped to play for Tottenham on loan for the six week period he was with them but negotiations between the two clubs broke down and he was only able to train with them.

After Beckham left Tottenham their manager Harry Redknapp spoke in glowing terms about the thirty-five year old midfielder.

“He’s been great to have around, he’s welcome back any time. He can still play, he can still pick a pass out.”


When asked if Beckham would be returning to Tottenham after the MLS season finishes in November Redknapp was not able to confirm or deny that he would.

“I think he would like to see what the future holds for him. I’ve not looked into bringing him back in November. The chairman would need to look at that, I don’t know what the financial side of it would be.”

There are many who talk about ‘brand Beckham’ being a bad thing and that he has too many things going on in his life to be taken seriously as a footballer. Many people talk about his off field adventures and sneer at his achievements on the pitch. In reality Beckham works as hard at his game as any other footballer you care to name and he is still putting in the hours at thirty-five that he did as a youngster. This fact was acknowledged by Redknapp.


“He’s a busy lad, his life must be unbelievable but when you get a lad who wants to come here and train every day when he could be sitting at home having a month’s rest, it tells you everything about him.”

That sums up what you need to know about David Beckham. Everything that he has achieved has been done through hard work. He is not the most skilful player that ever lived and he did not possess the sort of natural talent that means success comes relatively easily.


The fact that he has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan and Galaxy, picked up a record number of England caps and earned untold riches has all been done because he has worked bloody hard. OK, his appearance and his personality have helped, but without the success that he has grafted for on the pitch, none of it would have been possible.

I know there are people out there who can’t stand Beckham and there are people who admire him. I firmly join Harry Redknapp in the latter camp and I don’t begrudge him one single bit of his success. He is a role model in how he conducts himself and he is a role model in showing youngsters that success isn’t given to you on a plate and that you have to work at it.


I hope he has a great season with the Galaxy and that we see him back in England next November for what would probably be a final farewell to the English fans who have, on the whole, grown to love the player who was once public enemy number one.


Graham Fisher



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