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Simple reasons why Torres left Liverpool

Good reasons for leaving Liverpool?

David Nugent has written about the likelihood of Fernando Torres coming back to haunt Liverpool on Sunday and who would bet against that?


David also pointed out that many Liverpool fans are upset and angry that Torres has left. I’m pretty sure I would be if I were a Liverpool fan, but now Torres has explained his reasons for leaving. Let’s look to see if those reasons stand up.

Regarding the ambition of the club to get back to the top Torres said,

“Things had changed a lot in the last year. I think they have great ambition and they are doing the right things to get back but it will take time. I didn’t have that time.”


About the fans and their reaction to his move Torres said,

“I only have good things to say about Liverpool people. They made me feel really good there for three and a half fantastic seasons. I understand they will be angry and will not understand my decision. Maybe in a few days or weeks I will explain all the reasons. When I was an Atletico Madrid fan growing up I couldn’t understand it when a big player left. I’m not asking them to understand me but I’m sure over time they will see what I did there. Football is like this. From one day to the other people can love you or hate you.”

As for the prospect of him celebrating if he scores for Chelsea against his old team on Sunday,

“First I have to play, and then I have to score but I have big respect for Liverpool fans so I don’t think I will.”


I don’t like the fact that Torres has said that maybe in due course he will explain ‘all the reasons’ he left. That suggests that there was more to it than he wanted success and didn’t feel he would get it at Liverpool. If that is the case, why wouldn’t he say it now? If it isn’t, why say anything at all?

So, ignoring that throw away comment, Torres says that he feels sure Liverpool will get back to the top but that it will take time. He says he just didn’t have that time. That would appear to be the whole reason why he has moved on.

Torres has achieved huge success at international level. He has scored twenty-six goals in eighty-two appearances for Spain and has picked up European Championship and World Cup winners medals on the way. He had the glory of scoring the winning goal in Euro 2008, but had a less successful World Cup.


It is at club level that Torres has not yet had the success that he craves. Despite a fabulous goal scoring career with Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, going back eleven seasons, the only medal he has picked up has been for winning the Spanish second division.

That seems a very poor return for a man recognised around the world as one of the best and who boasts a record of one hundred and forty-seven league goals in three hundred and sixteen games for the two clubs.


Liverpool have spent a lot of money and are back up to seventh place in the Premier League. There is no doubt that they are heading back in the right direction as Torres acknowledges. However, he is probably right to say that it will take time for them to get back to seriously challenging for league titles and serious European success.

Torres is twenty-seven next month and has been plagued by injury. He feels that he needs to move now if he is going to taste success at club level. I believe it is as simple as that. As an outsider, I understand exactly why he has made the move. As a Liverpool fan, I would almost certainly be less understanding.


Graham Fisher



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mj mckay
12 years ago

it seems with every word he sez now, torres rides even more roughshod over the feelings of liverpool fans (including me) who showed him ultimate love and respect; we stuck with him thru thick & thin and had faith in his future, unfortunately this has now not been reciprocated and he shakes us off as if swatting a pesky fly. i still love torres and respect his ability as a player but i have shed many tears and gone thru evey gamut of emotion. right now im angry! if he had been any old player that may come and go… Read more »

12 years ago

well said man…. if what he craves is title ambitions well in this case… if he moves to chelsea and picks up the league cup… will he really be rewarded the satisfaction or do u think if he sticks it out with liverpool and maybe not ever win anything… but perhaps making a great run in the league, perhaps getting knocked out in a cup tie or even winning something but if he gave it his all… which would u prefer to remember if u were torres.. and lets not forget he is not the only star at liverpool. He… Read more »

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