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Slot Machine Strategy – Dos and Don’ts

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 26 Dec 2017


There is a certain duality to Slot Machines known to every experienced player – it is probably the simplest game of chance that you can find, and, at the same time, the game where you are (as unbelievable as that may seem) most likely to make a mistake that will, consequently, negatively affect your entire gameplay. This is especially inconvenient with Progressive slots, where time is of essence, and where uninterrupted sessions are part of the strategy that will ultimately lead you to the end goal.

Implementing a certain strategy is not only important with Progressives – systematizing your game can be of great help even with the standards slots, where prolonged sessions are not as important. Together with the Dos, there always come some Don’ts and sometimes, what you do can have the same impact as the things you manage to avoid. So, what are the most common Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to developing a Slot Machine strategy?

Do pay attention to the slot denomination – slots that have a higher coin denomination can generate higher winnings, while slots with a low coin denomination have a significantly lower risk factor. Budget restricted players will have a hard time affording high volatility and high denomination slots, which is why doing some background check can protect you from excessive losses or at least give you a rough idea of what you can expect in terms of winnings frequency.

Do Not start with the maximum bets before giving yourself enough time to test the Slot Machine and see how it runs, what is the rate of the dry spins, how often do the bonus features get activated etc. The optimal strategy is to always start with the slot betting minimum or go for the demo play, if available. That way you will keep your balance in check and give yourself some breathing room until you decide if the slot suits your needs.

An opposite to this rule would be to not play High Roller slots with minimum bets. High Rolling slots are designed to give out max payouts and make the player eligible for the minor Progressive jackpots or certain bonuses only if max bets are submitted. Playing these types of slots on anything smaller than the maximum number of coins per line will be absolutely pointless, therefore:

Do adjust your betting level to the Slot Machine you are playing. There is no point of starting low with a Slot Machine that has Progressive jackpots. As already mentioned, these slots are adjusted to generate payments only if the players are betting on the maximum amounts – otherwise you will simply be wasting your time.

Do Not opt for the game that will put too much strain on your budget. Progressive games are time and money consuming and they require a lot of investment. If your budget is a bit on the modest side, it would probably be better to start off with low volatility slots and work your way up, directing your winnings towards playing more demanding (bet limit wise) slots.

Do select the games that are suitable to your own personal preferences. Not much sense in playing a game that you find uninteresting or unchallenging, simply because you feel that it is safe and you can generate some decent payouts. Apart from being profitable, playing slots should also be fun. Looking at the practical side, Slot Machines that feature unique bonuses and have a theme you personally find appealing will keep you in a game much longer and thus result in more sessions and more potential cashouts.

Do Not use Gamble Feature, especially if you are playing Progressive slots where high bets are crucial for the successful outcome. It may be tempting to spice things up a bit and possibly double your balance, but the damage you are likely to suffer here can be irreparable. There will be plenty of time for reckless gambling once you hit that jackpot and become an overnight millionaire.

Do check what other players have to say about the game and how they describe their own experience. Track record of the game and inside tips can give you all the information you could possibly need. Insider tips will save you some valuable time and give you a taste of what you can expect. This will help you determine the budget or even help you decide if the game is worth playing at all.

Progressive Slot jackpot hunters will especially benefit from other players’ reviews which will assist them in  efficiently targetting the slots that have a high jackpot payout rate, such as Mega Moolah – slot known for frequently cashing out generous jackpots. With a track record like that, the choice is made much easier and instead of spending endless hours trying out different Progressive Jackpot slots, you can simply go straight to the one that has a proven success rate.



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