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Slots with Multiple Jackpots Explained

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Quite a few internet gamblers engage in betting online looking to win a jackpot that could change their lives. Such life-altering prizes are only available in progressive jackpot games. Forget about blackjack or roulette – they simply don’t cut it when you’re pursuing the main prize. Progressive slots are the way to go, as these easy-to-play digital gambling machines deliver enormous sums of cash and you spin the reels knowing that any random spin could be the one to break the bank.

There are various types of progressive jackpot slots, yet on this occasion, we’ll take a closer look at online slots with multiple jackpots. Interestingly enough, some of the best paying games in the online casino universe fall under that particular category. Let’s dive into the science of multi-jackpot slots!

How Does the Multi-Jackpot Concept Work?

It’s a straightforward thing. Having three or four jackpot prizes doesn’t differ much from having just one, as each player keeps “feeding” the jackpot pot with each wager, through each spin. As you probably already know, the pot has a starting value called the “seed”. That’s the value that restarts the prize whenever it is won. The seed grows as more and more players join the game and spin the reels. Randomly, the RNG engine produces a series of numbers which determine the stopping point of the reels, and if that stopping point matches with the one programmed to deliver the jackpot – well, jackpot! Someone becomes the lucky winner of the bonanza at a value that was reached in the moment of winning. 

In the case of online slots with multiple jackpots, these are usually offered from the lowest one to the highest and commonly entitled Mini, Minor, Grand, Mega and the like. The smaller ones have a lesser seed value, whereas the larger ones start at significantly higher sums. That means they reach massive amounts way sooner. There are no limits to a progressive jackpot, but as an online slot is operative for a while players can usually predict how far it can go, approximately of course, before it pays a certain amount and restarts. 

Is there anything else you should know about progressive jackpots? Well, it’s good to know how one qualifies for a jackpot win. In most cases, the jackpot lands completely randomly; it can happen after any spin. But even then, you need to be mindful if there are any entry criteria such as playing at maximum paylines and maximum stakes. The jackpot may be paid after landing specific symbol combinations or after entering a particular bonus round. There are slots which attach progress meters to their pots, and the prize is not unlocked until the meter is complete. 

Best Progressive Jackpots Slots and How to Play Them

Here are some of the most sought-after slot games which feature sky-scraping jackpot rewards. Not only do they offer a massive payout should the stars alight just right, and Lady Luck looks at you compassionately, but they also offer several of them within the same package. 

Mega Moolah is undoubtedly one of the greatest online slot games of all time. Nicknamed the “millionaire-maker”, this Microgaming-powered slot carries not one, but 4 progressive jackpots – Mega, Major, Minor and Mini. In order to win any of the presented jackpots, you must gain access to the progressive bonus round where you will spin a Jackpot Wheel, a mini-game similar to the Wheel of Fortune. The Jackpot Wheel Bonus activates at random; it can be triggered on any spin. On take on the wheel and you’ll find out which of the prizes landed on your lap. The Mega jackpot starts at a minimum of 1,000,000 coins.

Mega Fortune is a fancy and glamorous video slot by NetEnt which acts as a fierce competitor to Mega Moolah. The captivating game comes complete with 3 progressive jackpots – the Rapid, the Major and the Mega jackpot. The chances are highest to win the Rapid jackpot which is “fed” by a 1% deduction of each bet placed. Major Jackpot, the second biggest, takes 1.1% of the stakes, whereas the Mega jackpot consumes 5.39% of gamblers’ bets during play. To earn your chance at the prizes, you must align 3 or more Bonus signs, which launches a 4-level wheel mini-game. Jackpots are awarded from the second level, and Mega jackpot is at the centre. 

Age of the Gods series has also contributed immensely to the progressive jackpots sector, showcasing all the cleverness and experience of the Playtech team of developers. This is a collection of online slots, all bound within the Playtech network, accumulating some of the largest jackpots the online casino community has ever seen. The series includes the following games: Age of the Gods, Fate Sisters, Furious 4, Prince of Olympus, King of Olympus, God of Storms, Goddess of Wisdom, Apollo Power, Mighty Midas, Ruler of the Seas and Ruler of the Sky. Pick any one of these, and you will have the chance to bag the Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot, Super Power Jackpot or the Ultimate Power Jackpot. Any base game spin can trigger the bonus which can be either a multi-level progressive mini-game that guarantees a win of 1 of 4 progressive jackpots or a game of matching symbols that reveals the trophy. Remember – the more you bet, the higher your chances of striking the highest out the four pots. 

Yes, these games are governed by chance, but for the pure luck to show itself, someone has to spin the reels. Will it be you? Click here to visit some of the best online casinos and try your luck! 


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