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Soccer Accumulator Betting Tips – What Not to Do

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Accumulator betting in football remains one of the most popular ways of online punting. Perhaps it’s the excitement, and maybe it’s the skill required to put together the perfect acca. Either way, accumulator bet tips are so pervasive in the sports betting community that even complete beginners try their hands. This often leads to some misconceptions and practices with questionable results.

We already talked at length about how to make the best acca bets. This time, however, we’ll do things a bit differently. Let’s talk about what not to do when placing accumulator wagers.

Mistakes to Avoid in Accumulator Betting Strategies

The important thing to keep about soccer betting strategy is that it can rely heavily on context. Sometimes, a generally great idea may simply be unusable in the given circumstances. Think of it this way – we can’t just tell you never to make Over 3.5 Goals bets, for example. It’s true that the market is not feasible most of the time. However, that doesn’t mean a great opportunity won’t arise from time to time.

In other words, none of the acca tips below are set in stone. Instead, we’re trying to point out some issues many punters don’t even take into consideration. It’s simply general advice for how to win accumulator bets and not a set of rules. With that out of the way, let’s dive straight in.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

This is a common mistake many players make when they just get into “serious” online sports betting. So you’ve just started employing strategies and you did some research, and you find a selection with amazing value. To get as much out of it as possible, you put the selection in several separate accumulators. After all, it’s a “sure thing”, right?

There are no guarantees in online sports betting, no matter how good you are. The problem here is obvious, but we’ll spell it out anyway – if that one selection loses, all your accas sink with it.

Every hear financial investors talk about diversifying one’s portfolio? This is what it’s all about. Essentially, you want your bankroll spread over several betting slips, each independent of one another. That way, they all serve as a sort of safety net. This ensures you’ll never lose too much or not make back at least a part of your initial stake.

Don’t Bet on Accumulators Exclusively

Once a new punter starts winning accas in football, they tend to fall into them head-first. They start constantly digging for more top accumulator tips, often putting together selections that have no business being in an Acca.

This brings us back to what we said before we kicked off our little list of advice. The effectiveness of any good sports betting strategy relies on how and when it is used. Like most markets, options, and bets, accumulators are simply a tool in your toolbelt. They are only one of several approaches you can make at any time. Don’t get pigeonholed into always betting on accas, even when there’s no reason to do so.

Sometimes, you’re better off simply placing that amazing selection as a single. In fact, statistically speaking, you’re better off doing so most of the time.

Don’t Add ‘Filler’ Selections

This ties into our previous acca tip, but it’s easily just as important. We’ve noticed beginners tend to build their accumulator wagers around one or more “banker” selections. Essentially, they find one great selection and build the whole acca bet around it. The other selections are just there to beef up the odds and turn the wager into an actual accumulator.

This is a very bad idea for several reasons. Ever heard the expression that a herd is only as fast as its slowest member? That’s how it works with accumulators. The bet as a whole depends on the success of each selection. If one collapses, the whole thing goes with it. Essentially, never add selections to an accumulator “just because.”

Again, don’t be afraid to just place the bet as a single, double, or what have you. Often, it’s indeed the best option.

Don’t Forget Other Markets

Some of you may not like what we’re about to say, but that doesn’t make it any less true. 1X2 football accumulators are simply not that good most of the time. Shocking, right? Especially considering how many players never even considered an accumulator with selections other than Full Time Result. Not to say that 1X2 Accumulator tips are always bad, but there are simply better options most of the time.

You may be wondering why, and it’s quite simple. 1X2 bets always have 3 possible outcomes. Without considering the betting odds or other factors, that’s a 33% chance of getting the one you want. Markets like BTTS, Over/Under, and especially Asian Handicap all have a 50% baseline probability. That’s an innate advantage right there.

Of course, we don’t mean you should always ignore that classic favorite 1X2 football accumulator. Bookmaker margins tend to be lower for such popular markets. We’re just saying weigh your options before putting down any money.


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