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Thanks Carlos

Graham Fisher in Editorial, English Premier League 12 Jun 2011


Better off without him

‘Welcome to Manchester’ was the big sign put up in the city when Carlos Tevez left United to join City. It was a massive dig at United and one that managed to get under the skin of Sir Alex Ferguson. Now, however, after another Premier League winning season and a Champions League final, I would guess that Fergie is looking at last weeks news about Tevez and having a little smirk to himself.


I couldn’t believe what I was watching when I saw Tevez being interviewed on an Argentine chat show. Almost every word he said would have sent a shiver through the heart of the loyal, adoring Manchester City fans who have worshipped the little maestro since he arrived at the club. They have continued to worship him even though he has more than once tried to leave and treated the club, and particularly the fans, with a lack of respect.

On this chat show Tevez said the following,

“There is nothing to do in Manchester. There are two restaurants. Everything’s small. It rains all the time, you can’t go anywhere. There comes a moment when you say, ‘where am I going to go with my family’, and you begin to feel bad. Of course you train, play, do things and when the family or friends come you feel bad. You can’t take them to the movies because they can’t understand anything. I will not return to Manchester, not for vacation or anything.”


Well thanks for that Carlos! I’ve been to Manchester and I can confirm that there are an awful lot of things to do. Greater Manchester is a city of over two and a half million people. It is a vibrant place that has just about everything apart from a beach and the sea.

It has a thriving night life with some of the most famous nightclubs in the country. The music scene is known throughout the world and there are many thousands of restaurants, not just two!

If eating out, clubbing or music are not your thing and you prefer some culture, there are six well known art galleries containing works by the Italian and Flemish masters as well as local artist LS Lowry. There are also eight museums displaying just about anything and everything you could think of.


If you are not into the pop and rock that Manchester is famous for, maybe you could watch the two symphony orchestras and one chamber orchestra that are based in the city. If you don’t like that then you could always take in the opera at the opera house or visit one of the five large theatres in the city.

Of course, you could still be bored Carlos. The only other things I can think of are the MEN arena which is the biggest indoor arena in the country and the other major sporting venues such as the Old Trafford test cricket ground.

The Manchester international festival might be worth hanging around for as it is a very famous festival which would give you a little bit of everything.


No, I think you are right Carlos. Manchester is boring and horrible. It has given you a home, shown you a huge amount of love and paid you an absolute fortune. Now you have decided to tell the city and its people to f**k off.

They would be better off without you.


Graham Fisher



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11 years ago

Bitter much?

11 years ago

Carlos lived in Manchester for five years and still cannot construct a sentence in english, and therefor it makes him a very stupid boy, he posseses no ability to learn anything, he cannot adopt to any situation in life, a man’s intelligence is based on his ability to learn

11 years ago

i agree with him, the city is boring and so is his people

luis jimenez
11 years ago

carlos tevez was the best in man city but the fans didnt deserve that.
carlos tevez thinks man city wouldnt go far without him but they will in the premier and champions league they got balotelli his okay, david silva,than adebayor

Article writer's dad
Article writer's dad
11 years ago

Noob writer he never used those words – “Now you have decided to tell the city and its people to f**k off.” So why don’t you stop trying to put words in his mouth, this is one of the most biased articles i’ve seen on this website. In the same manner that you didn’t like what he’s been saying similarly he isn’t liking it there in city so you be happy with your city and let him be happy with his wish to leave. And Hell No i’m not a Tevez fan. “I would guess that Fergie is looking at… Read more »

Article writer's friend
Article writer's friend
11 years ago

Thanks for your reply Graham Fisher, that was interesting too, nice to see that some writers do care to reply. But it took one hell of a reply to solve your article’s algorithm, just kidding. I loved the way you portrayed Manchester in your article. Frankly speaking, before reading this article i really thought if Manchester was really that small a city ? But you gave us a nice tour of the city. Having said that, this article really took a dig at Tevez. If i think as a Manchester City or United fan, before reading this article i would… Read more »

11 years ago

Two words for the author: Well put !! 🙂

Chelsea FC Fan
Chelsea FC Fan
11 years ago

I’m glad somebody finally said it…good job Graham.

I like Tevez, but you can’t treat people that adore you like this…

Respect the differences in people ffs…it’s a simple human gesture and the least you can do for a club that has provided enough to you and your family that could nourish an entire city.

Tevez is ungrateful and his misery is a consequence of that…

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