Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Moise Kean Must Change His Attitude Before It Is Too Late

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Moise Kean must be one of the most disappointing players in Europe during the last 12 months. The Italian striker went from being a sure-fire prospect to someone who can barely hold his own at England’s top-flight over the course of a whole year. He also went from playing in the Serie A to feature for Everton in the Premier League. That is not an easy change for a 20-year-old player.

The biggest question here is quite simple. What is going on with Kean? It is obvious he has not forgotten how to play football and, if he settles anywhere, he has enough talent to be a star striker in most teams in the world. But will he ever reach his potential? That’s… tricky, to say the least.

Young players need to feature regularly to reach their potential, but that is not enough. When a player who lacks maturity – something that could apply to Kean given his recent behaviour during the Coronavirus outbreak – struggles for an entire season, it is easy for him to feel discouraged. Especially if his name starts popping up in transfer rumours while also seeing media members repeatedly calling him a “flop”.

The answer to his issues is quite simple. Kean needs to keep playing – either at Everton or another club – and block the noise that is coming from outside. That is the only way he will be able to focus on the one thing that is important: football. He has a unique skill set and let’s face it: not many 20-year-old players boast his mixture of talent and physical maturity. But that is not going to work if he cannot translate his gifts into results, or goals.

Kean has scored just once in the entire 2019-20 Premier League. That is not what Everton hoped when they signed him during last summer’s transfer window. But considering his age and his potential, Everton should not part ways with him on a permanent basis … or at least, not yet. Maybe a loan back to Italy can straighten him up. Maybe he needs to play in a lower tier of English football. After all, the Championship is competitive enough to suit him well if he is struggling.

Everton know they have a tough character in Kean. They need to carry him slowly and show him he still has a lot to learn. If he does not change his attitude, then he might become the latest player in a long list of names that could not live up to their potential despite being immensely talented.


Juan Pablo Aravena

A freelance writer and sports analyst with almost five years of experience in the industry before joining SoccerNews, Juan Pablo Aravena is based in Chile and currently contributes to several publications and websites including SoccerNews, 12up, and Sports From The Basement, while also working as a fantasy beat writer for RotoWire, as a database editor for EA Sports, and as a football analyst for SmartOdds and InsideFutbol. His areas of focus are Serie A, Bundesliga, Premier League, LaLiga, and Ligue 1, but he has also written about MLS and South American football in the past.



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