Monday, June 1, 2020

Wenger speaks out

Following the big money take over at Manchester City, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has spoken out about the fact that he believes football is in danger of becoming destabilised by the amount of outside investment coming into the game.

Wenger has always insisted that clubs should operate within the financial limits of the business rather than relying on ridiculous investment from wealthy owners.

“If you push that too far, there are no rules any more. Once you get to the prices mentioned in the media, where is the logic? There is too much destabilisation.”

With reference to Robinho’s hilarious press conference when he referred to the club he had signed for as Chelsea, Wenger said, “What is worrying for me is that a player signs somewhere and then the next day he does not even know where he has signed. You cannot say that is a good trend. Football is not a supermarket, we have to all understand that.”

Real Madrid’s long-running and very public courting of Cristiano Ronaldo has also come in for criticism from Wenger who was on fine form.

“You cannot come out and say ‘we pay £250,000-a-week to Ronaldo and £135million’, when the player has a six-year contract with Manchester United. It is not possible or acceptable. There is money in the game, and I take it in a positive way – but the football bodies have to make sure that money is ruled properly and used well for the ethics of the game. I always did fight for my whole life for the players to make as much money as possible, but you also have to respect what football is.”

I rarely find myself agreeing with Mr. Wenger, although I totally admire his abilities as a manager. On this occasion I realised that I completely agreed with him and couldn’t argue with him at all. Then he went on to say one more thing.

“Football came out from the roots of the country through local communities who identified themselves with their team, and we have to be careful not to destroy that.”

I agree with that as well, but I’m not sure Mr. Wenger is in a position to criticise teams who have moved away from their local communities. Not too many North London boys have featured for Arsenal in his managerial tenure at the club have they?

(Source – BBC)


Graham Fisher



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Not too many North London boys have featured for Arsenal in his managerial tenure at the club have they??? Wenger had already answered those silly questions. English players are especially expensive, and right now EPL clubs are gonna ruined by big money and that’s why he speak up. Look at how much ManU and Chelsea are spending, Ronnie, Wright Philips, Ferdinand, etc. You don’t seems to understand what are Wenger’s theories, stay behind your blog and rot..


you could say that about Chavski (only Chav King Terrry?), Spuds (Ledley ‘Treatment Table’ King), ManUre Soccer Club (next generation? Eagles?), you smart-arsed twat. The fact is that English clubs know sweet FA about developing and encouraging the technical ability of the child and youth rank players; it’s no surprise that every England squad since ’62 hasn’t been able to hold a candle to the continental teams and Americas nations. 1966 was the home advantage, but fair play, those lads won it.


Graham : Wenger has been at Arsenal for 10 years and the crop of kids that he got at ages 8 to 9 are just coming to fruition. I refer you to the England Under 19 team with 4 Arsenal representatives and the Under 16’s with 3. It’s an old jibe and one that increasingly does’nt bear repeating.


Mr. Fisher, a club being true to its roots is about more than just how many local players are in the side. Arsenal are very much a part of the community in Islington, they hold family oriented festivals in and around the stadium, you can approach the players and get their autograph or just talk to them. Can you do that in other parts of London, for instance Chelsea? Not at all. And which player scored a hat-trick for England recently? What club does he play for? Don’t forget about Jack Wilshere, either. He’ll burst onto the scene like a… Read more »

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