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How to Conduct Pre-Match Research for Informed Betting Decisions

Stefan Budur in Soccer Betting Strategies 29 Apr 2024


In this betting tutorial, I will explain how to conduct pre-match research and help you make informed betting decisions.

Pre-match research should be the cornerstone of every punter’s aim to succeed in the gambling world. Remember that before you place any bet you should thoroughly research the most important variables that will influence the result of a soccer match.

From team value to current form, head-to-head history, and team news, I will guide you through all the factors that play a major role in betting and usually make the difference between a losing and a winning wager. More so, the source of information becomes critical since you want updated reliable data before you make a betting decision.

What is pre-match research in betting?

Pre-match research in betting refers to analyzing the football teams playing against each other before the game kick-off which can help you make an informed betting decision. Alongside a soccer betting strategy, pre-match research is the most important part of your betting.

In-depth pre-match research will make you more confident in selecting the outcome of an event since it is based on clear information rather than a simple guess. Selecting a team to win in a soccer match is different from wagering money on roulette by choosing a red or black colour to come out. If in the first case, you have a lot of information that can help you make an informed decision, the latter is just a gamble based on luck.

Why is pre-match research important in betting?

Pre-match research is important if you take soccer betting seriously and wager a lot of money into this activity. Because pre-match analysis is data-driven, you can identify some patterns that repeat across multiple competitions and games, giving you a chance to make better bets that could bring you a profit.

For example, everybody knows that heavyweights like Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City and Inter, to name a few, will win a majority of their matches thanks to an increased value compared to their competitors. Knowing this information is a fact and, by using a betting strategy like Martingale or Fibonacci you could set up a profitable wagering system by backing these teams, all season long.

Another key role of the pre-match research is the news regarding both teams before the kickoff. If Real Madrid are playing at Barcelona without key players like Vinicius, Rodrigo and Jude  Bellingham, it’s safe to say that Blaugrana’s odds of winning the game will decrease significantly.

How to conduct pre-match research in soccer betting

You can conduct pre-match research by accessing reliable sources of information regarding a few important variables you need to pay attention to before you place any bets. Some of these are:

  • teams financial value
  • current table position
  • form (most recent results)
  • home-away results
  • goals scored/conceded
  • the most recent results between the two teams facing each other (aka H2H history)
  • team news

While some will bear more importance than others, go through all the above variables before deciding to place a wager. However, I wouldn’t give too much credit to the H2H history since the circumstances of these results are always different. I would rather focus on the current state by examining the form and the team news.

Also, these variables are valid for all bet types like ACCAs, live bets, or bet builders. Also, I will break down the most important ones and give some insights on how to read the data. You can apply these tips if you like to bet on over/under 2.5 goals, bookings and corners, goalscorers, or Asian Handicap.

Teams value

The value of a team is given by adding up the value of each player. This is the first important variable to consider when doing soccer pre-match research. This gives you key information if a specific team lives up to its market value by matching it with the on-field results.

How to Conduct Pre-Match Research

Bayern’s flop this season was a continuation of last term’s mess when the Bavarian giants narrowly edged Dortmund in the title race with a last-minute goal scored by Jamal Musiala. Dortmund lost the title is a more accurate statement that Bayern clinched the Bundesliga trophy.

This season was worse for Harry Kane&Co who gave up their crown to Bayer Leverkusen with five rounds to go in the campaign. Union Berlin’s drop is another example of why the market value of a football team will not always match the on-field results. On the contrary, Leverkusen and Stuttgart exceeded all expectations playing much above their market value.

Teams form and latest results

Luton dropped the rhythm in the last rounds edging closer to relegation. The newly promoted Premier League side had some solid displays this season but a difficult schedule with games against top sides like Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester City sent Rob Edward’s team further into the abyss.

On the other side, Brentford started a recovery run playing at their best in the last games culminating with a win against Sheffield Utd following three stalemates. Although Luton proved to be a tough opponent at Kenilworth Road, the Bee’s positive results against top teams like Manchester United, Brighton and Aston Villa was a strong message of danger for Luton.

Looking at the screenshot above, you can notice how Brentford was difficult to defeat, while Luton was coming from a battering suffered at Etihad against current champions Manchester City. It was the perfect scenario for Brentford to take advantage of Luton’s fall and sting the London side.


As I previously mentioned, the H2H statistics can be very deceiving. Obviously, in games where the teams maintained their value throughout the years, can be referenced too. For example, the latest Premier League battles between Liverpool and Manchester City ended undecided. That was the case for this year’s scenario at Etihad and Anfield.

However, if the game is not a derby or a fierce rivalry, I advise you to look at both teams’ latest results and check at the same time the news to spot if any key players will be missing.

Team news

Team news is important to know if a squad’s strength will be diminished or enhanced. For example, if both centre-halves are missing you can expect more goals conceded. Contrarily if a top striker returns to action after recovering from injury, expect more goals scored in the opposition’s net.

Follow this guide and learn how to conduct pre-match research for any soccer game and bet type. Bet responsibly using only the money you can afford to lose.


Stefan Budur

Former owner of Betting Mojo, experienced bettor and former punter at Betadvisor, Stefan has done it all when it comes to soccer betting. With more than 15 years of experience in the gambling industry, he gained a lot of knowledge that he'd like to share with readers so you can position yourself better every time you place a bet.



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